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About Us

Tehran Machinery Industries Tobacco packaging production technique

Tehran Machine-Building Industries started its activity in 2009 in the field of industrial machinery in the field of tobacco industry.
And after scientific and technical research in the field and in person in the Middle East and Europe and after the transfer of superior technologies into our beloved country of Iran, it was completed by 1390.
Tehran Technik Machine-Building Industries, by employing and cooperating directly and indirectly with the best experts and programmers in the country, undertook the reverse engineering of European technologies, including Germany and France. To establish engineering with superior and scientific knowledge in the country.
And since 1392, the direct sale of machines and the establishment of tobacco factories have been based on knowledge and professionalism.
Therefore, the specialized and knowledge-based team of Tehran Technique has raised the quality level of tobacco factories to the level of best-selling Arabic brands by presenting Arabic and international formulations, which makes this collection happy and proud.
Tehran Teknik Machine-Building Industries proudly launches and holds the following mentioned brands in its proud record as a record holder in manufacturing, designing and installing production lines and packaging of musal tobacco in the country as the strongest tobacco industrial complex.
Tehran Province – West Azerbaijan – East Azerbaijan – Gilan Province – Mazandaran Province – Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province – Fars Province – Yazd Province – Isfahan Province – Semnan Province – Qazvin Province – Zanjan Province – Ilam Province – Khuzestan Province – Golestan Province – Kermanshah Province – Lorestan Province

The words of the CEO

Tehran Technik Machinery Industries Company, with the aim of satisfying its customers as much as possible, started to acquire knowledge in 2013 in order to take a valuable and proud step for the production of industrial machinery in the field of production of industrial machinery in the world. , And in this direction has benefited from capable Iranian specialists and experts.